DYSON Supersonic Hair Dryer - Iron & Fuchsia

RRP £329.99
Maintaining consistent, controlled temperatures, the Dyson inch¬Ã¡Supersonic Hair Dryer inch¬Ã¡prevents irreversible damage to your hair. inch¬Ã¡The hairdryer won't over-heat your hair as you dry, helping to maintain even surfaces for greater shine.This hair dryer inch¬Ã¡uses Air Multiplier technology and a powerful digital motor to focus air output, so you'll have your hair dried in less time.Since it's acoustically tuned, the hair dryer doesn't vibrate as much as standard models, so it sounds less abrasive and noisy for more pleasant drying. It has inch¬Ã¡a motor small enough to fit in its handle, so it's lighter and more comfortable to use.It delivers a gentle, low-force airflow to help you sculpt your hair to look the way you want it. The flyaway tool will take care of your shiny finish.Take advantage of other styling accessories to look your best, including a concentrator and diffuser.

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