AMAZON Kindle 6inch eReader - 8 GB, Black

RRP £69.99
Easy to read inch¬Ã¡The Kindle inch¬Ã¡6 inch eReader inch¬Ã¡has a inch¬Ã¡digital screen that works just like printed paper, but better. Direct sunlight just makes your books easier to inch¬Ã¡read, thanks to the anti-glare screen, and the built-in light takes over when you're reading at bedtime. Plus, you can easily adjust the font size, highlight passages or look up definitions or translate the words you don't understand. Ideal for learning a new language.Read and listenLike listening to audiobooks? With a pair of Bluetooth headphones you can switch between reading and listening at will. Read on the train, then switch to listening when you arrive at the station. The Kindle inch¬Ã¡eReader inch¬Ã¡will even pick up where you left off as you continue your journey.Huge selectionThere are over five and a half million books available to browse in Amazon's Kindle collection. There are best sellers, Kindle exclusives, audiobooks, and more - all available to download in moments. And if you're an Amazon Prime customer, you can access Prime Reading, to get loads of downloads free._________________________________________Please note: inch¬Ã¡This version displays special offer banners and sponsored screensavers when your device is in sleep mode.

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