DENON Demand D7 Bookshelf Speakers - Black

RRP £249.00
Balanced, detailed sound

Enjoy perfect definition in your music, with the Definitive Technology Demand D7 Bookshelf Speakers.

With the clever Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS), low and mid-range frequencies travel further and sound much punchier than you'd expect from speakers this size. You'll hear every nuance and detail.

Pitch perfect

Thunderous basslines are nothing without crisp percussion and soaring vocals to match. The D7's aluminium tweeters are engineered to provide absolute clarity at the highest frequencies, giving you every sound exactly as the artist intended.

Elegant finish

With their subtle design, the Definitive Technology D7 Speakers look great wherever you listen. Both tweeters are offset by 5 inch¬â–‘, providing even greater audio precision and a standout look.

And if you want to keep the tweeters and woofers protected, the Demand D7 Speakers come with two magnetic speaker grilles that clip onto the front. They won't affect that superb sound either.

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