DELL HG2WC Full HD 23 inch IPS LCD Monitor - Black

RRP £139.00
Top features:

- Ultra-thin bezel lets you enjoy the screen without distractions

- Flicker-free display means no tired eyes after long computing sessions

- Consistent and rich colours make your images appear more life like

Ultra-thin bezel

Let your computer stand out with the Dell S2319HN Full HD 23 inch IPS LCD Monitor. Featuring an ultra-thin bezel, you can keep the whole focus on your screen so movie time, photo editing, and gaming sessions will look great all the time.

Flicker-free display

With a full HD resolution, you can use your computer for long periods of time without your eyes getting tired. The flick-free screen with ComfortView technology means your screen will block out any harmful blue light emissions and is designed to keep your eyes comfortable even through your long movie marathons.

Consistent and rich colours

Take advantage of the consistent and rich colours the Dell IPS LCD Monitor gives you. Edit your photos in extreme detail or view nature documentaries online. Images appear as life-like for an immersive experience.

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