NESPRESSO by Krups Vertuo Plus XN900840 Coffee Machine - Piano Black

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Top features: inch¬Ã¡- Automatic blend recognition, giving you that perfect blend without having to programme the machine inch¬Ã¡- Centrifusion technology brews the perfect cup of coffee each and every time inch¬Ã¡- Fast heat up time ensures minimal waiting for your morning brew inch¬Ã¡- One button for ease of use inch¬Ã¡- Great design to suit your kitchen and counter-space inch¬Ã¡Automatic blend recognition inch¬Ã¡There's no need to ever change your machine's settings with the Nespresso inch¬Ã¡by Krups Vertuo Plus inch¬Ã¡XN900840 Coffee Machine. Every inch¬Ã¡Vertuoline pod is automatically recognised by your coffee machine, allowing you to get that perfectly blended cup of coffee each and every time with the push of a button. inch¬Ã¡Centrifusion technology inch¬Ã¡When you place a capsule into your Nespresso inch¬Ã¡Vertuo Plus inch¬Ã¡the unique inch¬Ã¡Centrifusion technology spins the pod up to 7000 rotations a minute, blending ground coffee with hot water to produce the perfect layer of foam to complement your freshly brewed beverage. inch¬Ã¡Fast heat up time inch¬Ã¡Sometimes you want a great coffee to set you up for the day without having to wait. With the inch¬Ã¡Vertuo Plus, it takes just 15 seconds to pre-heat your machine, allowing you to get that awake feeling when you most need it. inch¬Ã¡One button inch¬Ã¡You don't need to be a barista to make a great cup of coffee with the inch¬Ã¡Vertuo Plus. The touch of one button is all it takes for the machine to whir to life, producing a cup worthy of rivalling your favourite caf inchœÂ® with every use. inch¬Ã¡Great design inch¬Ã¡The Krups inch¬Ã¡Vertuo Plus inch¬Ã¡houses a larger capsule container and a larger, movable water tank that can be placed according to the configuration of your kitchen. There's no need to move your kitchen around to accommodate your coffee machine.

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