MASTER CLASS KCMCHB9 23 x 13 cm Non-Stick Loaf Pan - Black

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The Master Class KCMCHB9 23 x 13 cm Non-Stick Loaf Pan makes delicious sweet and savoury breads and other loaves just a mix, whisk and bake away.

Homemade sweet treats

Now you'll be able to make your own bread, meat loaf, fruit cake and even pate using this handy and well-designed Loaf Pan.

Sculpt your ingredients into a tasty loaf with ease and enjoy the fruits of your labour in a delicious sliceable form.

Easy does it

The Loaf Pan is treated with a double-layer non-stick coating that makes it far easier to remove what you've just baked.

Preserve the integrity of your loaves as you lift them smoothly and effortlessly out of the baking tray. Feel more confident with a five-year non-stick guarantee.

Since it's been made from heavy-duty commercial weight 1 mm steel, the tray can be used in ovens up to temperatures of 240 inch¬â–‘C, making it more than up to the rigours and requirements of daily baking.

Safe cleaning and storage

You'll be able to clean the Loaf Tray in the dishwasher without a problem, making things far more convenient. Additionally, it's fridge- and freezer-safe, giving you more storage options and sparing you using multiple containers.

Make your cooking and baking more satisfying with the Master Class KCMCHB9 23 x 13 cm Non-Stick Loaf Pan, part of the Master Class award-winning bakeware collection and featuring a 20-year guarantee.

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