JUDGE Basics HX02 18 cm 3-Tier Steamer - Stainless Steel

RRP £21.99
With the Judge Vista Basics HX02 18 cm 3-Tier Steamer you'll be able to prepare vegetables and other ingredients in a healthier way that uses less water and locks in the taste and goodness.

Versatile cookware

Suitable for all hob types including induction, the Judge Vista Basics HX02 Steamer allows you to enjoy the economic and health benefits of steam cooking, whichever cooking surface you happen to own.

Its thick thermic base is up to the temperatures and impact of daily cookery, evenly distributing heat to cook everything perfectly.

It's made from stainless steel and spot welded for excellent durability, assuring you of high-quality performance that's both safer and offers longevity. That's why the pan carries an impressive 10-year warranty.

Clean and cook with confidence

The Judge Vista Basics HX02 3-Tier Steamer is safe for use in ovens up to 240 inch¬â–‘C, so you can keep your food warm or cook ingredients in a different way if you like. Use the base steamer as a casserole dish and open up your cookery options.

Since it's made to be dishwasher safe, you'll find it easy to clean and maintain the pot. Its vented glass lid allows steam to escape effectively so it doesn't boil over as easily, and the stainless steel steamer baskets send steam through each level for great results.

Choose the Judge Vista Basics HX02 18 cm 3-Tier Steamer for a flexible way to cook healthier food.

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